Chloé FW24: Feminine, French and Free

For her debut collection, Chemena Kamali sought to tap into the collective memory of the Chloé woman

Today’s show was a homecoming for Chemena Kamali, Chloé’s new creative director who has twice worked for the maison in the past. For her debut at the helm, Kamali sought to tap into the collective memory of the Chloé woman: feminine, flowing, free and French.

“I want to return to the original roots of the house and build a sensual Chloé that radiates with warmth and positivity,” Kamali said in a press release. “This collection goes back to the late 1970s era of the house that I feel so connected to. A time that was about a natural femininity. Sensual, effortlessly powerful and free.”

Thus a familiar Chloé woman stepped out on Thursday morning, her flowing hair held in place with a headband and cheeks touched with blush. She wore square-shaped sunglasses and an oversized gold belt spelling out “Chloe” in cursive. Despite the cold, she dressed in ruffled lace tops and dresses, along with gently flaring trousers and soft-yet-protective capes. She was inspired by the ’70s, not by its patterns or clichés but by the spirit and attitude of the time. Nothing about her was pretentious or contrived; she’s a natural beauty, just as we remembered.

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