Five Takeaways from Margaret Qualley’s Cover Story

What the star of 'Drive-Away Dolls' and 'Maid' revealed about herself in her Mastermind cover interview with Clémentine Goldszal.

1. Her childhood was filled with weekends traversing nearby cities.

When Margaret Qualley was old enough, her family would take her to perform in dance competitions in surrounding towns and pursue her childhood interest in dance. “I would wear fake eyelashes and little dance costumes with rhinestones on them,” Qualley tells Goldszal.

2. She uses her knowledge in choreography to further develop her characters movements.

“I love figuring out how the character moves through the world,” Qualley says, “how they stand and walk – that part is really fun for me.”

3. Her favorite playwright is Jack Thorne.

Jack Thorne is best known for his critically acclaimed plays Hope, The Stage The Solid Life of Sugar Water, and more recently When Winston Went to War with the Wireless.

4. Margaret listened to Ann Richards and Tommy Lee Jones interviews to hone her character’s thick Texan accent in ‘Drive-Away Dolls.’

“I could recite every single line of Anne Richard’s National Democratic Convention keynote address,” says Qualley.

5. Her favourite dance sequence in a film is Denis Lavant in Mauvais Sang (Bad Blood) by Leos Carax.

Read the full interview in Mastermind Issue 15 which you can purchase here

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