Musings on the Hermès FW24 Men’s Show

Designer Véronique Nichanian reinforced what we know about the Hermès man, while deepening his mystery

The man of the Hermès FW24 show is a darker figure than his predecessor. His has a sombre wardrobe: black and dark grey. The silhouette is always slim; perfectly tailored trousers paired with a sleeveless shirt, a silver bracelet on his wrist and a crocodile leather belt around his waist. The jacket? Always leather. When he goes out, he chooses between his chunky soled boots or his ’70s-style crocodile skin boots. In the background, “Cool Girls” by Sylvan Paul plays on the stereo.

But that’s at night. The man of the Hermès FW24 show has another side too: that of the dapper English dandy. He’s a playful dresser, cheerily sporting a green jacket, a yellow beanie or a purple cardigan. He wears a herringbone jacket and owns a Prince of Wales-check suit and loves a statement tie or a handkerchief. Like his nighttime counterpart, he is obsessive over craftsmanship. Everything he wears is immaculate.

Véronique Nichanian’s latest collection reinforced something we knew about the Hermès man: he wears impeccable clothing with perfect accessories, all of which is of ludicrously superior quality. But she also deepened his mystery, presenting a previously unknown edge to him.

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