And the Winner of the Loewe Foundation Craft Prize is…

The Loewe Foundation celebrates traditional craftsmanship during their 2024 Craft Prize showcase, presented by Aubrey Plaza.

Loewe surprised guests during the 2024 Loewe Foundation Craft Prize ceremony with a guest appearance by actress and comedian Aubrey Plaza. Plaza presented the winning prize of €50,000 to Mexican ceramicist Andrés Anza during a ceremony at the Palais de Tokyo in Paris last night.

Prior to the ceremony, guests were treated to a viewing of the 30 shortlisted works created by artists from 16 countries. The selection included pieces which utilized recycled or reworked materials, with a general theme of transforming everyday objects such as tires, wood and even egg shells.

Gaku Nakane 'Seed' (2023).

The winning piece by Anza, titled I only know what I have seen, featured a life-sized totemic structure crafted from ceramic material. Utilizing refractory clay, Anza moulded thousands of small spiked protrusions, creating a cactus-like structure that twists and folds in on itself.

Miki Asai 'Still Life' (2023).

Three other pieces were given a special mention, including France’s Emmanuel Boos for his polished brick table structure Coffee table ‘Comme un Lego’ [Like a lego]. Boos’ piece was made of 89 hollow bricks stacked on top of one another and held in place without glue.

Other artists who received a special mention included Miki Asai of Japan, for her work Still Life, and Republic of Korea’s Heechan Kim, for his piece #16, where he utilized traditional wood-bending techniques often used in boat-making.

Celebrating the skills of international artisans, the Loewe Foundation Craft Prize seeks to acknowledge artists who have demonstrated exceptional skill work in their craft. In a time-poor world that emphasizes fast and mass production, a showcase and event for the recognition of artisan craftsmanship and traditional skills was a welcome reprieve.

The Loewe Craft Prize 2024 selection is on display at Palais de Tokyo until 9 June 2024.

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