Loewe FW24: An Ode to Nature

Creative director Jonathan Anderson celebrated the natural inspirations behind art, interiors, and 1920s trinkets in Loewe's FW24 collection.

Lining the forest-green walls of Loewe’s FW24 show venue was a selection of paintings by the late American painter Albert York, featuring flowers in a vase, a figure asleep in a grassy field, a tree blowing in the wind. They bestowed the space the air of a gallery, one in which a masterful collection was about to debut.

First came an elegantly draped, hourglass-shaped, floor-length gown in a floral print, cinched in the center with an oversized belt. More references to nature followed: billowy radish-print trousers that delicately danced as the model walked; a cute triangular dress featuring a dog in repose; a beaded sweatshirt with the texture of caviar, with a bird perched on a branch and, later, a beaded bag shaped like an asparagus bunch.

After the show, surrounded by reporters, creative director Jonathan Anderson explained that he partly drew inspiration from the 1920s collectibles of New York’s women interior designers, everything from tapestries and china to furniture and wallpapers. There’s something decidedly postmodern in this process of taking a representation of the natural world and transforming it once more. It was ornate, adventurous clothing with depth, which, like any good artwork, rewarded closer examination.

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