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Presenting a new digital platform curated by the team behind your favorite biannual magazine.

Twice a year since in 2017, Mastermind has published a hardcover magazine filled with interviews, photo shoots and myriad other features designed to entertain, inspire and enlighten. Yet we often find ourselves wanting to connect with readers in a more immediate, less formal manner than this schedule permits.

It’s in this spirit that we today launch the website you are now reading, providing you with regular articles, editorials, recommendations, galleries and boundless other stories on a more frequent basis.

The website is divided into two parts: Features, where you will find interviews, articles, essays and short dispatches; and Galleries, where you will find editorials and photo essays. There is also a section in which you can purchase issues from the Mastermind archive, and a page where you can get in touch with us. (Please do!)

Readers of the magazine have come to expect a high level of quality when it comes to photography and writing. Unsurprising, then, that the website will be no different. From film reviews to digital editorials to opinion pieces, Mastermind will deliver the same intelligence and elegance to the screen as it does to its pages.

Think of the magazine as a wide-ranging conversation with a close friend, filled with questions and revelations about life and art, and the website as the chat forum where you send one another short missives or interesting links, staying connected until it’s time for the next discussion.


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